71-year-old Waitress Receives Racehorse with "Weak Leg" as a Tip

smellshorsey Archive on March 3, 2008, 22:06

Photo from Chron.com. I hope this story has a happy ending. A 71-year-old Houston waitress received a 5-year-old, 16.2 hand TB ex-racehorse with a "weak leg" as a tip from a customer.

Hmmm. Just what a 71-year-old woman needs. I assume the "tip" didn't include money for care, boarding, vet bills, farrier, etc. And what's a "weak leg"?

Oh dear oh dear. The good thing is that the new owner is thrilled. Honestly, I don't think she should be. She's been given someone else's problem. A 10-year-old QH trail horse would be a lot safer and more useful