Pip: The True Story of a Pony Who Will Never Be Forgotten

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on July 26, 2011, 13:18

by Millie, age 12

Pip. The pony who will stay in my heart forever. 13.2hh, Welsh Pony. The most beautiful palomino ever, with two brilliantly blue eyes, a white speckled belly, and a ‘bald’ face. His mane and tail were creamy-white, both long and flowing.

He taught me so much and gave me more than any other pony I had ever ridden, including a KO and barbed wire scars.

My mum used to work with his owner, Nicki’s mum, Joy. When she knew I rode, she offered to take us to see him, and that’s how I started to ride the little terror. I was six or seven.

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