Fear Scent

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on July 23, 2011, 3:44

by Raven, age 15

Fear scent. Smell of sweat. Choking. Bodies pressing against me. Snorting, neighing, screaming, clanging—fear scent. Pain. Deep ache in my belly. Fear scent. What is happening?

I smell my own fear. Flies buzz in my eyes, all over me, over everyone. Fear scent. Death scent. Death? Who has been killed? Blood-scent. Who bled?

Hungry… so hungry. I want grass. My throat is dry with thirst. Water. Fear scent.

Horse crowds behind me. Too tired to kick. My head hangs and flies bite my eyes. Can’t shake them off. More clanging, shouting, fear-scent.

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