whose is bigger?

Crystal & Cookie Archive on April 10, 2009, 21:36

had a cute moment with the boys, and I wish I had a picture.

We were all on HUGE horses at the same time.  I think I won, although B disputes that.  J wasn’t even in the running with his ’small’ gelding Rhett at 17.2HH.  I was on 17.3HH / 18HH….  and B was on 17.3HH/ 18HH ish.

People often comment how big our horses are - we have 1 or 2 horses at 16-16.1 HH but most are 16.2 and up.  Ami is 17.1HH.  I think I’m just used to it, I guess… cause they don’t seem that big until people mention it.

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