May Carnival of the Horses

.:EQUUS:. Archive on April 4, 2009, 12:23 pm

Just a note to say…  EQUUS will be hosting the next Carnival of the Horses on May 1, 2009! There are benefits as the writer of a piece to receive more interest and readers on your blog, so why not consider submitting a piece or two for the carnival.  Perhaps you’ve got a post that has received a lot of interest that you could submit or a newly written piece… tag: life with horses, blog carnival, writing, horse blogs
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Profile On: R. T. Fitch, Author

.:EQUUS:. Archive on March 30, 2009, 10:00 pm

Have you always been interested in horses and when did you start writing and getting books published? My answer to the first portion of your question would be a simple “no”. Horses were always in the background, during my early adulthood, as my youngest sister was enamored with horses and a simple and quick Christmas present would be a horse statuette purchased for her. But I paid very little attention as my interests were centered on the sea and all that swam in the salty waters of our Mother
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Parlez-vous francais?

.:EQUUS:. Archive on March 29, 2009, 2:40 am

If you answered yes to that question and are looking to study horses, specifically in the racing industry, then perhaps AFASEC may be for you. While working at one of the riding school’s last year, I was chatting with the mother of one of our clients - a girl in her mid teens - who happened to be fluent in English and French on account of her dad living in France and mother in Australia. Mad keen about horses, she was eyeing off a course at this horse related school in France.  Ever curious
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The Snow Pony

.:EQUUS:. Archive on March 21, 2009, 10:05 am

A week or so ago at work I was keeping an 8 year old girl – a relation to my boss – entertained by leading her around on our little Shetland pony, Banjo. As we were walking up and down the drive, we were discussing one of my many loves – horse books. Although only 8 years of age, this young girl was very bright and reading above her level.  She also had the audacity to claim she had more horse books than me!  I may just have to check out her library. Alison Lester came up in conversation
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Brick Books: Horses

.:EQUUS:. Archive on March 13, 2009, 9:47 am

I was in town today at lunchtime and couldn’t help but notice a table full of $5 books - surely there had to be something horsey in it! I didn’t actually find any books for myself - there was one horse book which I already have - but I purchased it anyway, for a mate who is also horse obsessed.  It’s a lovely ‘brick book’ and is indeed well named based on it’s size! Titled simply ‘Horses’ it is made up of over 500 pages and is interchanged with gorgeous
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Melbourne Premier Yearling Sales 2009

.:EQUUS:. Archive on March 7, 2009, 10:45 am

Just some pics to share with you! Taking a look at Barn G of the William Inglis complex at Oaklands Junction, Victoria, Australia. The sales ran from March 1-4 but we had to be down there the Wednesday before the the Sunday sale day to parade our draft of 23 horses to potential buyers. If you’re considering working in the Thoroughbred industry and particularly with yearlings, take into account that sale days can start at five or half past and last until half five or half six that afternoon. 9
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‘Batching’ It

.:EQUUS:. Archive on March 5, 2009, 10:39 am

I’ve been at the Melbourne Premier Yearling Sales for the past 9 days with work; reminding myself once again that I am not a big fan of yearlings and the long sale days involved! One of the young women helping out at the sales is partaking in a horse course through TAFE and had to do a certain amount of hours for her placement and an assignment to match.  Being a sale, a lot of advertising material is often available for those with regards to stallions and service fees, agistment, foaling
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Son of the Whirlwind

.:EQUUS:. Archive on February 16, 2009, 8:38 am

I think the Silver Brumby series will forever by my favourite horse fiction. The Silver Brumby I’ve devoured countless times and never grow tired of reading. Son of the Whirlwind tells the tale of Thowra’s last son, a silver colt so like his father that he was also named for the wind. Wirramirra and his mother Yuri travel from their home in the north to seek out the silver stallion that had run with Yuri for a season before returning south to his home where the winter snows beckoned him. Not
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Harness Your Potential

.:EQUUS:. Archive on February 11, 2009, 10:00 pm

No experience with horses but interested in breaking into the Thoroughbred or Harness Racing Industry? The Gippsland Harness Training Centre offers training in a hands on environment to all ages and backgrounds, opening doors to a career in the equine industry. Practical skills are covered in numerous areas: - handling horses safely; horse first aid - dental care for horses; temperatures and respiratory rates - vital signs; mixing feed rations - horse massage (Equissage); hoof care - IM injections;
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‘Crosse’ Your Horse Passion with Polo

.:EQUUS:. Archive on February 9, 2009, 12:53 am

Developed in Australia in 1939, Polocrosse is a combination of polo, lacrosse and netball. It’s comprised of six players and their horse per team with 3 players from each team playing at one time. Unlike Polo, Polocrosse only requires one horse per team member and this can be any type of horse. Gear needed includes a saddle, bridle, bell boots, bandages, helmet and a Polocrosse Racquet. Australia was the winner of the Polocrosse World Cup in 2003 and 2007, this sport now being played around the
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Profile On: Tena Bastian, Equine Author.

.:EQUUS:. Archive on January 31, 2009, 10:04 pm

I stumbled across the site of Tena Bastian, author and clinician and contacted her to see if she’d be able to answer some questions with regards to her published works that are advertised on the site.  She willingly obliged, giving a bit more of an insight into the possibilities that can arise from writing works regarding horses. Have you always been interested in horses and when did you start writing and getting books published? Do you do anything else with horses that generates an income? When
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100 Vocations so far…

.:EQUUS:. Archive on January 26, 2009, 2:27 am

Just a note to say I’ve finally reached 100 different equine related vocations and you can find posts about all of these on the Vocation 100 page.  Whoop! Sorry things have been slow of late - have recently moved, started a new job and got knocked about with gastro for a week, hope to be a lot more consistent with posts and let me know if there’s a particular area you want to know about being able to get into with horses! “The horse you get off is not the same as the horse you
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Mastering Horses

.:EQUUS:. Archive on January 26, 2009, 2:06 am

I work with a couple of extremely intelligent women at my new job, it seems.  Two weekends ago I was chatting with one who’s to go back to studying this year to complete her Masters. It turns out she’s been focusing on science and the reproduction of horses.  Curious to know how you can do a Masters relating to horses, I questioned how many years of science had to be completed before she actually got to start studying in relation to horses. Two years of straight science before a sign
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The Phar Lap Story

.:EQUUS:. Archive on January 21, 2009, 12:50 am

When I was in early high school the Phar Lap movie was put up on the big screen at Caulfield Racecourse in the middle of the summer months and people could come along in the late of the evening to watch the movie about this wonder horse. I loved that mum took me along. Since then I’ve seen the movie a few more times, always amongst ‘horsy’ crowds. The movie pays attribute mainly to Phar Lap’s strapper, Tommy Woodcock and although I don’t doubt the immense effect this young man had on Big
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Profile On: Barbara Smith, Horse OT

.:EQUUS:. Archive on January 10, 2009, 6:28 am

I got an email not too long ago alerting me to the fact that someone had left a comment on the post, Hippotherapy.  That someone just happened to be an Occupational Therapist who has been involved in Hippotherapy for the past couple of years.  Barbara Smith kindly took the time to answer some questions regarding this unique form of therapy with horses. Have you always been interested in horses and when did you start out in Hippotherapy? What is it exactly that you do? I have always liked horses
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Harness Driving

.:EQUUS:. Archive on December 29, 2008, 8:00 pm

I’ve often thought how much fun it would be to be able to drive a sulkey and partake in harness racing as a driver. A friend I met while studying in Ireland used to work on a Standardbred farm and said that they bred and trained the horses on the farm.  Consequently she got to learn to drive and focused on breeding and this form of racing.  Being Standardbreds, they also used AI for breeding their horses and so she also learnt about and carried out the practice of Artificial Insemination. Not
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Strapped in with Horses

.:EQUUS:. Archive on December 27, 2008, 8:00 pm

When studying my Certificate II in Horse Studies in 2001, we were instructed to make a list of as many horse related careers as possible.  Vocation 100 partly came to fruition because it was mentioned to us that previous years had managed to list over 100 different jobs that relate to horses. We were to then consider one of these possibilities in groups and look into what was required to be able to carry out such a job - experience needed, did it require qualifications, etc. A stable hand or strapper
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For Love of a Horse

.:EQUUS:. Archive on December 25, 2008, 8:00 pm

In the latter years of primary school I discovered and became rather obsessed with the Jinny series by Patricia Leitch. For Love of a Horse, the first of the series details the move of Jinny and her family to the Scottish moors, isolated and lacking in entertainment. Jinny is excited about the move and the idea of ‘horses, ponies and foals’ but soon struggles to take to the move until she witnesses an accident that results in a beautiful Arab mare being free over the moors that she now
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Profile On: Ona Kiser, Equine Videographer

.:EQUUS:. Archive on December 22, 2008, 8:00 pm

I absolutely love reading Global Horse Culture as it’s always interesting and different and often gives me ideas for blog posts.  The writer of this unique blog also has a rather unique equine related business.  Ona Kiser, Equine Videographer kindly took the time to answer some questions about this service she offers to clients. Have you always been interested in horses and when did you start out in Equine Videography? What is it exactly that you do? I videotape horses for clients. Most
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Whinny Warmers

.:EQUUS:. Archive on December 20, 2008, 11:07 pm

What the? You may ask.  And that was my response initially, too!  Think 80’s, think legwarmers and now think… horses? Focused on the values of keeping a horse’s legs warm before or after a work out, they were first designed when the founder of Whinny Warmers adopted an over the knee, arthritic mare that struggled to move. Now there are Whinny Warmers for those winter days and Summer Whinnys to keep your horse’s legs cool and protected. This American made product when sold
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