Mustang Diaries Archive on November 15, 2010, 6:06 am

Darling edited this video I shot over the last couple of visits to OregonI've been hauling Tika to the riding club to work with her while Darling rides. She's been a frantic mess, and I have no clue as to why. On top of that, while working her in the round pen I noticed something that I'd nearly forgotten...a funny mis-step in her hind end as she trotted around. I'm not exactly sure what the deal is, but wonder if it's scar tissue from her entanglement in barbed wire? It was odd...she'd be trotting
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Living Off The Land

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 11, 2010, 11:19 pm

Up on the South Steens, horses are plump and happy. Yet over at Warm Springs they're barely getting by. Heading into winter, we want our horses to have a heavy enough later of fat on them to protect them from the bitter cold of winter. If you live in a cold region where the winds howl, you know what it's like to feel the frigid air, and frostbite is a real concern. The old stallion, often referred to as One Ear Jack, knows what it's like to live in a harsh winter climate. Frostbite had caused the
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Mustang Diaries Archive on November 11, 2010, 3:46 pm

Someone from the BLM read my blog yesterday. Dog gone it. Now they know I'm secretly harboring horses out there. Well, you know what that means. Gotta go gather them all up and move them home with me! Oh, City Boy...I have the BESTEST news...
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Welcome to the Quarter Horse Diaries!

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 9, 2010, 11:49 pm

No, didn't get misdirected. Nor were we hacked. This is the new face! Yes, indeed. I felt it was time to come clean and confess...I've been hiding Quarter Horses on public lands! Letting them graze among the wild ones so I could take nice, romantic photos, and letting them get fat while the mustangs (whom everyone knows exist on air and sage brush) keep fit and trim. Mmmm~hmm...that's right.Oye Vey, what a day yesterday! Honestly, some folks just make me laugh at their nonsense. Never been
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Advocate, the new dirty word

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 7, 2010, 1:45 pm

Do you know people think it's a conspiracy? That the BLM is breeding horses in secret? That they're hauling them to Mexico for slaughter? That they're secretly running them to death with a helicopter and not telling us?So here I sit on a hill full of sage among friends who have also come to witness the gather. We want to have the total experience, to know first had just how 'brutal' it is.Except we don't see a single horse. The helicopter has returned several times to refuel, but horses are so far
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Packing Up, Heading Out!

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 3, 2010, 10:16 am

Darling and I head out tonight in hopes of getting some insight into how wild horse gathers in Oregon are conducted. We'll be meeting friends Andi Harmon, author of Oregon's Living Legends, and photographer John Wheland (find him on flickr!) when we get there. Hope you're looking forward to the new photographs and video as much as we are!And speaking of photographs...the new Mustang Diaries Calendar is ready to go on Cafe Press! Great photos and memories of horses on the South Steens.It's been a
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Lefty's Video

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 1, 2010, 4:51 am

As promised, the Lefty's Lesson video!
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Time to Get Busy

Mustang Diaries Archive on October 31, 2010, 4:49 am

Despite the aching toe, it was time to get busy. I loaded Lefty into the trailer, he turned around and backed into his corner just like that's the way you're supposed to do it. He learns quick, that's for sure. I tied his head alongside the hay bag and swung the divider closed in front of his chest."Just remember, I'm leaving for work soon, so no breaking down or getting hurt!", City Boy called to me. I wonder if he was speaking of the truck breaking down, or me?I hopped into the cab of the truck
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Kiger Video!

Mustang Diaries Archive on October 30, 2010, 5:31 am

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Lefty's Lesson

Mustang Diaries Archive on October 29, 2010, 1:34 am

Lefty and I worked on my fear issues today. His, as well. I backed the trailer up to the gate and tossed in a flake of hay, then led him over and let him load himself up. It's been a month, just over, since our accident. My toe was throbbing as I led him to the trailer. The muscles in my leg still reminded me of my crash into the dirt. Our last attempt at working on Lefty's trailer issues had nearly landed me in a more dangerous position as he panicked, turned and kicked on his bolt from the trailer.So
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Later That Day...

Mustang Diaries Archive on October 28, 2010, 1:19 am

After leaving the South Steens, we decided to head down toward Diamond and visit Pete French's Round Barn. Deb had been there years ago as a child, and Pam had never been there. So off we went...and made a wrong turn, which they are blaming me for. Why me? I was in the back seat, not at the wheel! Just because I was there just a couple months ago...sheesh!We found ourselves heading up a gravel road that, at the base, a sign saying Welcome To Diamond had been waiting to greet visitors. Deb drove
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Wild Horses!

Mustang Diaries Archive on October 26, 2010, 11:05 pm

South Steens HMACaution...picture overload!(That's what you wanted, wasn't it?)Blue and One Ear check each other out.Jingles, an extremely thin mare, and her colt, Juniper. Say a prayer for this pair, folks, for as thin as she is, it'll be a hard winter to survive.Juniper and another South Steens colt bonding.Buckskin mare with a GA branded on her hip. This indicates she's been given the PZP hormone that prevents conception. Sad part is, it doesn't stop her cycles, which means she'll have stallions
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Mustang Diaries Archive on October 24, 2010, 3:32 am

Hello from Oregon! I'm sitting at the Silver Spur after a long day up on the South Steens with friends McDebbie and Pam, and of course Maggie & Farrel. I was so happy to have remembered my zoomie zoomie lens! That means getting up close to the horses with some beautiful images.But I forgot I didn't get photoshop reloaded onto my laptop, so you're forced to wait until I'm home to see them. I know! I'm disappointed, too. You'll be so excited to see some of the shots I've got this time around.
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Decisions to Make...

Mustang Diaries Archive on October 18, 2010, 6:35 pm

...and Soap, Too!I've been asked by the BLM if I'd like to attend the gather at Warm Springs in a few weeks. If you're deaf or blind, you'll not have noticed the fire the BLM has been under regarding gathering wild horses off the range here recently. Harmful, wrong, cruel...tearing apart families, injuring foals or worse, killing them during their stampede for freedom as a low flying helicopter sweeps down upon them. Rushing terrified, headlong into traps where they'll be pulled away from their
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Fancy Pants

Mustang Diaries Archive on October 16, 2010, 5:34 am

The other evening Darling and I went shopping. Not to a mall or thrift store or anything of the sort. We went shopping in a box. The box we shopped at was inside the house of my good friend, Linda, who just happened to be, once again, cleaning out her closets and placing her belongings into a big box, the contents of which she intended to haul off to Goodwill or some other charitable organization should Darling choose not to shop.Darling chose to shop. Darling shopped so much that Linda was left
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Fear or No Fear...

Mustang Diaries Archive on October 15, 2010, 1:13 am goes on!The other morning I loaded Tika up and hauled her down to Curt's where she and I worked on something totally new...and completely frustrating for her...ground driving. Tika's fear of being wrapped up in ropes or drive lines stems from her experience with barbed wire, or at least that's what I assume. Scars on three of four legs tell the tale of her life on the range, and who wouldn't be a bit touchy when they feel themselves being caught up in drive lines? Tika's trust level has
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The Red Headed Fury

Mustang Diaries Archive on October 13, 2010, 5:52 am

As I reflected today on my time with Sandy, I remembered a little note sent to me by a friend about how God puts people in your life..."People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime," it begins.Sandy was here for a reason...and a season. How blessed to have two of the three! I learned a lot from him about myself and what I'm capable of. He also gave Darling a good start to becoming quite the young horsewoman. We've been blessed to have him in our lives. But for whatever reason,
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Saying Goodbye

Mustang Diaries Archive on October 11, 2010, 11:28 am

Goodbyes are never easy. It doesn't matter what the relationship's hard to say goodbye when you know that it means you may never see the one you've poured your heart and soul into again.I'd love to have photos and video of Beamer and Darling's last day together for you. In fact, she's been working all week on her video, but youtube refuses to allow it to upload. And so we are without that goodbye...which may be a good thing in the long run, though it would have been nice to be able to
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Mr. Snavely comes to Dinner

Mustang Diaries Archive on October 3, 2010, 11:22 am

Twas the night before YAY and all through the house...Oh, never mind. I'm simply not feeling creative enough for that sort of nonsense. Let me just tell you like it is. Pigs lie. Remember that.Darling had Beamer trotting. Finally! Only 2 days from showtime, but it was enough. Like everything else, once Beamer knows how to do something, she does it. And honestly, she knew how to trot, she simply had refused up until Thursday. But on that day, she became a trotting fool; let's trot here, let's trot
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And We're Back!

Mustang Diaries Archive on September 29, 2010, 1:38 pm

Tired, exhausted, dragging our hiney's across the ground. The Cascade Horse Fair was three long, weary days. Amazingly, my toe and knee held up through the entire thing.Local trainer, Roger Saur, gets ready for his practice go whileEmily Diaz enters the ring with her paint gelding.I wasn't able to get many photos during the event since I was running about like a chicken without a head. A few photos snapped on Friday evening of some of the cutters as they got ready to warm up, but then I was off
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