Legacy’s Moment

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on October 12, 2009, 8:00 am

by mustang 23, age 13 “Legacy! What are you doing?” I yelled, staring aghast at the mess in the stall. There were strips of wood everywhere, and one part of the door was nearly chewed through. “Why is everything going wrong today?” I murmured, clambering over the fence rails. Grabbing Legacy’s halter, I led him to another pasture, where a bay mare was grazing. “Duchess, you better take care of this misbehaving foal!” I said, only half-joking, and I led Legacy
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Girls and Horses

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on October 11, 2009, 8:00 am

by Carolina Cowgirl, age 12 I know you. You’re horse crazy and proud of it. Horses fill your head and heart in every way, but why? Why do we love horses so much? What is it with girls and horses? First of all, why wouldn’t we love these gentle giants? They have the most wonderful eyes, as if they are polished black diamonds. Their silky tail swishes back and forth like a swing on an apple tree. Their legs and muscles flex as they run. Horses are beautiful creatures; perhaps that is why
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Be Proud of Yourself

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on October 10, 2009, 8:00 am

by Rebecca Shyly, age 13 Horse girls have something that a lot of teens and women lack. We have confidence. After all, if we didn’t, we probably would never have gotten up on that horse. I mean, think about it. Horses are so big… it takes a lot of courage to get up there and go for it. That’s one reason why being interested in horses is so great for a growing girl. It gives you confidence and teaches you to keep trying, two things that will be important throughout your life. Personally,
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Face the Composer, Not the Music!

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on October 9, 2009, 8:00 am

by DianaLUV♥, age 12 Is your fave horse always spooking at all the cars every time you go out on the roads? Is he always refusing at the same fence every time you ride at it? Is he always running away with you whenever you sit in the saddle? Is he always playing around and ignoring your aids? Well think of it this way, maybe it’s you and not the horse! I’m not saying you’re a bad rider, I’m just saying maybe you can improve on certain points! Maybe it’s because you
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GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on October 8, 2009, 8:00 am

by Violet Inkpen, age 13 I see the hate in your eyes when you look at me the gray burns and shines And green is all you see. I am a loyal horse And good and smart If you’d ask kindly I’d do my part. But all you see is green Money is your only care So you’d gladly slaughter me Even though I’d take you ANYWHERE! I’d let you ride me all day You could race me too I’d jump over everything I’d do it all for you! But all you see is green And it is your only care I
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On the Dusty Paddock Floor

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on October 7, 2009, 8:00 am

by Ginger, age 12 I saw you in the pasture, you nickered for me, I set down your grass hay, on the dusty paddock floor, You looked at me with those soft chocolate eyes, I know you want some more. When I was little, I followed you around. I played with your mane, When I was sad you kept me sane. Now I am much older, My priorities have changed. But I can guarantee me and you. That won’t change. We are a once upon a time, We are a dream…. My life is in the pool, My heart is in the pool, But
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100 Days

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on October 6, 2009, 8:00 am

by Peanut, age 9 This love of mine cannot be mistaken as my love for him is true. Beyond the power, rule or might of the possible me or you, This cannot be described as nor can any love. Yet I will tell to all you we’re as peaceful as a white dove. The bond between the two of us is so strong and so unique. Yet the love we share, the originality is strongly what I seek. He lives in the moment and never his mind strays, Even just a moment, a grasp of fluffy mane. It may just be a second, yet
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GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on October 4, 2009, 8:00 am

by Madelaina, age 14 It evens you in the saddle, making two into one, beckoning unison into each stride. It’s the gap between strength and gentleness of heart, keeping aids a heard suggestion, rather than an order. It helps you achieve flexion as you sail around that ring without cutting any corners or falling in. It asks the horse to collect his trot with its even tension in reins and leg Coaxing him to listen and not change his pace. It is what creates harmony, essential to any team. Can
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GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on October 2, 2009, 8:00 am

by mustang23, age 13 Dreams. We all have them. We all need them. We all should live for our dreams. Without dreams, we are pretty much useless. Without dreams, we have nothing to get up in the morning for. Without dreams, we have no drive. Without drive, we’ll never do anything. When we dream, we are forming a hope that what we dream is going to happen. That is faith. Without faith and hope, your dreams die. We also need to believe in our dreams. To believe, you need to hold onto your dreams.
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Can You Hear It?

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on September 30, 2009, 8:00 am

by HorseFeathers, age 16 Thump… thump thump Can you hear it? Thump… thump thump It is my heart and it is about to burst All my life I have trained for this day As a colt I was young and rebellious Now… now I know what I am for What I am made of From the earth I was created and to the earth I shall return but for now… I am a storm The rider upon my back is calm for he knows me and I know him All else is silent except the harmony of our hearts… Thump.. Thump Thump Thump,
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The Thirteenth Fleet

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on September 29, 2009, 8:00 am

by Violet Inkpen, age 13 Was thirteen really an unlucky number? The little colt wondered. It seemed so. All Fleets were supposed to go down in history as the next generation of the ’spirit of freedom’ and go as what everyone thought Fleet was. Each Fleet was a direct descendant of the First Fleet and Duchess, the first born of the next Fleet and all the same color amazingly. Everyone thought it was the same horse, never dying; everyone except the herd that every Fleet in the line of
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Meet Our First Junior Editors!

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on September 27, 2009, 4:39 pm

We had strong and speedy interest for this position — thank you! — but two candidates surged ahead based on their long history as exceptional GHC contributors and leaders. Since there was no way I could choose one over the other (and there’s no doubt we’ll have plenty to fill whatever time they’re able to give) I decided to go for it! Please give a HUGE welcome to our very first Junior Editors… JULIA, age 15, was the first ever Junior Blogger (see her writings
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Take Me Away

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on September 27, 2009, 3:12 pm

by Madelaina, age 13 As cloud comes today You take me away To find that silver lining and be the sun rays shining. Rain might stop our rides, Wash away that groom But no matter the high tides Love sings in full bloom. Whenever there’s a storm Things may be forlorn But rainbows always come And we go to where they’re from. As cloud comes today You take me away To find that silver lining and be the sun rays shining.
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The Loch Herd: The First Tale

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on September 25, 2009, 1:21 pm

by HorseFeathers, age 16 Chapter 1: Adventures of a Lifetime I am Fauna Lyrie and this is my island. You may or may not have read many a tale of travelers stranded on some deserted island left there with no help to name. Well that is not the case with my journey. It involves a legend, a leaky submarine, and a path of no return. ************************************** It was 1934 and Papa was spirited up with rest of the Scottish population about the recent “Nessie” sightings. My papa
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The First Pure Heart

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on September 23, 2009, 8:00 am

by Violet Inkpen, age 13 In the days of the very first horses of the earth, everything seemed miserable. The sun was hot. Very hot. The desert was sandy. Really sandy. The ground was dry. Really dry. In fact, the three little foals couldn’t find ANYTHING to be happy about. Not in a dry and hot and sandy place like this. There was nothing to eat! The leader of the herd of five mares and three foals was named Rugged. He seemed to think he was rugged, and so was his herd, because he had led them
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September 22nd

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on September 22, 2009, 8:00 am

Dear Horse Girls, While pondering what’s next on the horizon for GHC, I came to an important conclusion: For our virtual barn to flourish and grow, we need more participation from the community (aka YOU) above and beyond sharing and commenting on stories. Have you noticed there’s a lot of young talent clamoring for an opportunity to showcase their work? At least six of them were introduced through the fiction competition, and there are many, many more. But we can’t invite general
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No Less

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on September 20, 2009, 8:00 am

by Madelaina, age 13 Passion, Power, Strength, Tirelessly galloping lengths. Stamina, Agility, Skill, Filling one with chills. Beauty, Spirit, Flight, Of pure, entire might. We’ve all heard this before, seen them too many times, but that’s what horses are. They’re every bit the power to grace the land, Every bit the strength for touching the sky Every bit the beauty matched only by spirit. Every bit, and no less. More to read...I Am a Mustang!No SecondDreaming
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As the Seasons

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on September 18, 2009, 8:00 am

by HorseFeathers, age 16 Can you feel the change of the seasons? The warm breath of the sun has turned chilly with the currents of coming winds. The trees are full of luster with cruchy oranges, sharp reds, and tawny browns, You with your warm wooly coat and I with mine. Already I can see the soft breezy nickers you make in the air as you greet me from the pasture. You know this time of year, when the children come for the annual hayride and thank you with carrots and hugs. Jack o’ Lanterns
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Shining Legacy

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on September 16, 2009, 8:00 am

by mustang23, age 13 The photo on the wall captivated my little cousin. “Is that really you?” she asked me, her eyes wide. “Yep, that’s me on Shine,” I said, touching the picture. “I think I won the Junior Advanced that day.” Shine. I missed him with my whole heart. I couldn’t believe he was gone. So soon… “Kelly, do you miss Shine?” Haley asked. “With my whole heart,” I confessed. “I think he was pretty,”
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2009 Fiction Competition Winners!

GirlsHorseClub.com Blog Archive on September 12, 2009, 4:22 pm

THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! Before you gallop over to read the winning stories, please take a moment to thank the individuals and companies who made this competition possible. Our judges Terri Farley, Jessica Burkhart and Sharon Lerner. We’re incredibly grateful these generous ladies donated their time and talent to support young writers. Winning a competition judged by successful, award-winning authors and media experts goes a long way toward establishing credibility for an aspiring author.
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