Riding Pepenary

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 20, 2009, 2:12 pm

I hurt from head to toe. Was it the 90 minute walk I took around the north end of town while waiting for tires to be worked on earlier this week? Or was it riding Pepenary? I tend to say the ride. But why? Makes no sense...I'm not out of riding shape. My body knows what it's doing...right?Evidently not. I haven't ridden this pistol packing cutter since last spring, back when Sandy was down at Curt's prior to the Sacramento makeover. She's come a long way since then, and let me tell you, she's one
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Rain, rain, go away...?

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 18, 2009, 4:53 am

I thought it was going to be just another dark, gloomy, rainy day. I was wrong.It's snowing.Either that or there are a whole bunch of ghostly orbs at my house. But if that's the case, they must be crossing over to the other side and leaving their spirit bodies behind, littered all over my patio and lawn.The jury is still out on whether or not snow is an improvement over rain, but I'm thinking not. Except that it may afford me some better photos when it comes to my daily challenge. After all, mud
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Monday Mosaic

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 16, 2009, 4:19 am

Is it late enough on Sunday to be making Monday's post? The theme for today's mosaic is Pink & Gold. Lucky for me I've been sitting here all week trying to create the whole vintage look, which definitely lends itself to the look...or at least I'm hoping so, 'cuz it's all I got!Some of the photos you're seeing in the mosaic can also be found in the new Mustang Diaries 2010 Calendar. Each calendar sold helps support the ongoing efforts here to get mustangs placed into homes, covering expenses
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Fur, Feathers and Fins

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 15, 2009, 3:59 pm

Today's Sunday Stills challenge was definitely a challenge! But we were told we could pull things out of our archives, so that's exactly what I'm doing!Fur, of course, is never a problem around here. Since yesterday's word of the day for the photo challenge was hay, I brought a bit inside for the kittens. They they seemed to believe it was catnip.Feathers flew into my yard while I was attempting, unsuccessfully, some hay shots with the horses. We heard some horrible squawking and turned to find
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The Mane Event

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 14, 2009, 3:54 am

Help Me!I can't decide!Today's word was Mane for the photo challenge. I spent the morning with Curt helping out, and got home in time for a lovely evening light (yes, yes! The clouds parted momentarily for me!) I let Apple Pony out to play, hoping to get a few flowing mane shots, and he was happy to oblige.Check it out. He's having a race...can you see his race partner?I must admit there's something a little unsettling about having a 1200 lb drafty boy heading your way with the above expression!
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Mustang Diaries Archive on November 13, 2009, 7:59 am

I am a LION!Hear me roar!mewNorman was helping me today. I needed to take a photo, and of course it needed to be of him. Or so he said. Who can deny such a handsome face?Today I learned of a sad case of neglect a couple counties south of me. A well known breeder of reining horses in the northwest was discovered with roughly 50 extremely well bred horses...starving. Why? I do not know. What I do know is that the reining horse association is acting fast and trying to get the horses into homes, many
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Did I Say Dirty?

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 12, 2009, 4:43 am

Oh, it was anything but dirty today! More like...prissy! Prissy in Pink. Sounds like a movie title.I asked Darling to come out and be my model. She's slower to jump up and help the older she gets. But let's face it, there are always little things we mother's know to do to get what we want out of our little Farm Divas. And for Darling? It was the words:"You can wear your rubber cow boots!"And for Sandy, of course, it was the promise of apples.For those of you who are face book fans, time to sign
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I'll Be Your Dirty Girl!

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 11, 2009, 1:21 am

The thing about this photo challenge is...so many parts of the country have beautiful pastoral scenes, with rich loads of fall color, or pretty white fences, and lovely ponds for clear shots of pony reflections. And I have...mud.Lots of mud.Loads of mud, piled on top of lots of mud, piled on top of more mud. So when I take pictures of water shots, it's muddy water. When I take an eye shot, there's mud in their eye. And when the topic was behavior? Mud slinging could easily have been my shot of the
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When Life Gives you Apples...

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 9, 2009, 3:45 pm

...Make Applesauce!I swear I have never seen a bigger mess in all my life! I let Sandy out to nibble on some green grass while I was busy filling water tubs yesterday, but did he take even a moments notice? Nope. The boy went straight for the spoils which lay on the ground after the recent winds. And did he ever lay waste! Eat half an apple, grab a new one, take a bite, step on this one, reach for that one. He was like a kid in a candy shop, unable to stop himself, always thinking the next apple
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Sunday Stills

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 8, 2009, 7:31 am

Technically? It's still Saturday night. This is the first thing I've done all week and had finished way in advance of the deadline. This weeks project for Sunday Stills was 'Currency'. Yeah, that's what I thought, too! How many ways can you photograph an empty billfold? Or pockets? But as it turns out, there was a wee bit of cash stashed away in...yes, that's right...the laundry room! Uh-huh. I give you Laundered Money.See? All the color came out, too, just like when I wash clothes. Or maybe that's
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The Equine Termite Infestation!

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 7, 2009, 6:29 am

There you are, one day with a lovely barn, and next thing you know...KaPow!...it's been eaten to shreds by an equine termite.Thankfully, you know just what to do. Grab your camera and take a picture, because today's photo assignment is Behavior, and this certainly falls into that camp. I was left wondering, however, why all the behaviors at my house seemed to fall on the bad side? Sandy was chasing sheep, Sky Bar pinning his ears at Tika, Tika was clanging for her feed, and Steve Holt! has ripped
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You don't know just how boring your life is until...

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 6, 2009, 3:14 am

...you start a blog!Seriously! I mean...it's dark early, light late, and raining in between. What is there to do? Oh, I know...I'll start a facebook account! Yeah...that's exactly what I needed. One more reason to let my life get sucked down into the deep abyss that is this monitor in front of me. You know your life is boring when the highlight is reading what who had for dinner.I had tacos. Just in case you had to know.Today's challenge in the photo a day was Texture. I struggled. Not with ideas
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Waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 5, 2009, 1:52 pm

Photo Assignment of the DayLegsImagine driving down the road at 50 mph, Jason Aldean's "She's Country" blaring on your radio as you rock out country style, horse trailer loaded with mustangs on your way home from a horse show, when your kid notices a tire rolling past you down the shoulder of the road."Ha! Hey, look! Someone lost a tire! Hahahahaha!!!!"Ooops. Hmmm, wonder who someone is?Fortunately, it wasn't me. But it almost was, because my tire was loose and wobbly as sin while we were up at
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[no title]

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 4, 2009, 1:37 pm

The weather has cleared a bit, thankfully, as I don't think I could have taken much more rain. With one mustang moving out this weekend, my boys are now able to share a stall and get out of the mud and onto the pea gravel in the paddocks. Such a relief not to be swamped with mudnure in there this year!I had a few folks ask me about Darling's sponsorship. This is something that just rather fell out of nowhere for us. The folks at Equiscience had been kind enough to donate a bag of grain to each of
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A Photo A Day?

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 3, 2009, 6:06 am

I decided I needed to get more serious about my photos. Some are good, some quite simply should end up in the trash. Thank God for digital or I'd go broke printing wretched photographs.So to help me get in shape, I signed up on the Equine Photographer's Network, hoping that the upcoming Photo A Day for a Month would offer me an opportunity to discipline myself and work harder at capturing those truly wonderful moments we all share with our horses.And I was happy.And then I spotted Joan's post at
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Monday Mosaic

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 2, 2009, 8:44 am

Maddening, I tell you!I spent hours. No, really, seriously, truly.Hours!And there's no reason for it to have taken so long. I had the photos. I had an idea of what I wanted. I plunkered them all up onto my screen and began to work. But when I went to commit layers or save this or that...Well, let's just say it was winter rather than autumn.As in, the blasted thing froze.And froze again.And it is now nearly 1 am, hours past my bedtime.But it's done.I was going to do a pony one for Mustang U, but
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I Feel Weak...

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 2, 2009, 1:27 am

I haven't visited the BLM site for a bit. I have someone who'd indicated a mild interest in one of the senior horses that came in from Murderer's Creek recently, however, so decided to cruise through and see the most recently added horses. Seems they've gathered Beaty's Butte again, which is where Steve Holt! came from.There was a pretty red roan two year old. And look already 15 hands. He's going to make a nice saddle horse for someone.And a bay yearling...he's...looking...hey...I clicked his photo
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Sunday Stills

Mustang Diaries Archive on November 1, 2009, 3:18 pm

Today's assignment? Halloween. From decorating to costumes, to whatever. With Darling deciding she's too old for trick or treating, and living way out in the sticks as we do, there's not much action around the place on All Hallow's Eve. Just the same...Darling insisted we purchase candy, you know, just in case.It's a good thing she suggested that, because somewhere along the line, the candy was devoured. Look! An empty bag of dum dums. And a few empty rolo wrappers thrown in. I'm not entirely sure
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The Hills were Alive...

Mustang Diaries Archive on October 31, 2009, 3:20 am

It was dusk, 5:30ish, and I was out feeding horses. Evita, a mare who's been here for gentling, had the halter slipped over one ear again. Undoubtedly it'll be off by morning, I thought, so I tried to get close. No success. She's an elusive thing who'd prefer I fell into a hole. A very deep hole.While out there with her, a chunk of alfalfa in one hand and my trusty pole in the other, I heard something from up in the hills. I glanced up as Vita trotted past. Was that a voice? I wasn't sure, and turned
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Mustang Diaries Archive on October 29, 2009, 9:16 pm

Darling: Wanna come watch my new video?Desperate: Sure...hey, was that you and Sandy?Darling: No, (a little pout) that was on Rose.Desperate: Oh, for a minute I thought it was Sandy, and I was thinking...he does better for you than for me.Darling: He does! He likes me better. Just like Curt.Desperate: Hey...(now I'm pouting)Darling: If it makes you feel any better, Beanie likes you better!Desperate: (still sulking) Beanie doesn't know you.Darling: Exactly!Well, whatever. Here's a clip of Beanie
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