Thank -You All..........

MidWestHorse Archive on April 5, 2009, 2:10 pm

For the caring thoughts and words. It really does mean a lot to me. I loved my kitty and all your words will help me through this. Thank-you all so much for caring enough about me to let me know. I really will cling to this. We all have such a great appreciation for our four legged children. I love that in all of us. Thanks again.Please visit for more horse stories, information and resources.
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In Memory Of My Zeke

MidWestHorse Archive on April 4, 2009, 2:03 pm

Today as I approached my driveway coming home from work, I found my favorite, Mama's kitty dead on the road in front of our neighbor's driveway. I never knew he crossed the road, the dumbass! I stopped and picked him up and put him on my car and drove into the driveway. I know this was my Zeke as he had a chipped front tooth and an unmistakable forked tongue from a run in with a pony. I called Steve down from my cell phone and he brought down a box. His body was still warm against the pavement when
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Well, I Have A New Puter And...............

MidWestHorse Archive on April 2, 2009, 11:21 pm

Can anyone explain to me How and mostly Why this darned dog is able and does seek out any drug in the house open child proof caps or peel away packages to obtain it!? When we first brought her last July and she jumped onto the kitchen table and grabbed off a bottle of my diabetic meds, I decided to move them all to a small shelf above the stove where there is no way she can get to them. Now between Stephen and I, we have our own little drug store, his heart and cholesterol meds, my diabetic and
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You Can Just Hear The Mud...........

MidWestHorse Archive on April 1, 2009, 12:37 am

I really didn't have to do much to encourage them to come this evening. So the video is rather uneventful. Thankfully they did move themselves to dry ground in their shelter.Please visit for more horse stories, information and resources.
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Update On Immigration

MidWestHorse Archive on March 31, 2009, 9:24 pm

I like this lawyer. My Mother always told me, if I needed a good attorney, hire an Italian or Jewish one, not that any other person would due, but after meeting with this attorney, I have no doubt that eventually we'll get the job done. He doesn't mince words, but again doesn't see that we did anything wrong after he scanned our paperwork. He said he sees this all the time, we got stuffed on the back burner. Our first free consultation cost us $1,500. That was because we agreed to hire him. The
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Continueing Kola's Treatment

MidWestHorse Archive on March 31, 2009, 1:52 pm

Before I hosed it out, but after picking it out. It's so muddy here!After I hosed it out!Just before I put the cephaparin cream in. I actually think it's looking a bit better.Creamed applied. I've been doing this about every other day. She still shows no outwardly signs of lameness! Came barrelling in from the pasture last night to a sliding mud stop!Please visit for more horse stories, information and resources.
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Another Busy Week And Immigration!

MidWestHorse Archive on March 30, 2009, 3:38 pm

My Mina and me, just for fun! Anyway, tomorrow, after nearly 7 years of MARRIAGE, Stephen and I will make our first visit to an Immigration Attorney. Now let me explain things a bit here. When we first applied for Stephen's immigration, we were helped by a business which is designed for Immigration help and had to wave our rights to an attorney. Filed all the proper paperwork, did the right things we needed to do and got fingerprinted, work permit, and so on and so on. Had our interview, which
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Spring? Phooey!!!!!!!!!!!

MidWestHorse Archive on March 29, 2009, 1:29 pm

What the hell happened to Spring?The poor girls were not impressed. They were both shivering this morning when I went out to feed, so extra hay was thrown.And thank God for the new heater I happened to have on hand, because this was supposed to be only a little rain . I plugged it in immediately! I was able to pick out Kola's hoof pretty well without the use of the hose and get her medicine in that crack!The dogs always have fun out in the snow. And Jack actually pooed and peed outdoors first thing
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Spring Is Drawing Closer..................

MidWestHorse Archive on March 26, 2009, 11:48 pm

I picked up this little handy poster at the forum the other night. I would have scanned it, but it was too big. Awesome though, Equine Emergency Chart, now hanging on my fridge.They had a little pasture time time this afternoon and I snuck them in without the extra grain and they were pissed. Kola's hoof crack care went real well. I was able to really clear out the mud and crap with the hose set to jet and she did real well with it. And I got the antibiotic cream really stuffed in there. I was pleased.Misty
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Today's Lessons

MidWestHorse Archive on March 25, 2009, 12:50 am

So, Jeremiah was out today to trim the girls' feet and Kola was acting up a bit, usually she is real good and she shed a frog as Jeremiah was working on her and he found a deep crack in her heel behind the frog which was tender, although she hasn't shown any obvious lameness issues. This is what he suggested I do three times a week for a couple of weeks.Buy this stuff and clean the hoof crack and squirt in about a half of tube. He swears by it.So after my trip to TSC, I armed myself with these items,
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Greed and our modern society

MidWestHorse Archive on March 24, 2009, 12:41 pm

This post is just about the greed that appears to have invaded our societyWatching all the ins and outs of bailouts in this current climate bought me to the conclusion that parts of our modern society are just plain greedyMaybe I am wrong but how can a company ( Banks , Insurance Companies or any other company justify not taking the money offered to them to help with the current credit problems because of one reason and one reason only ) GREEDThe same people whose bonuses will be affected due to
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This Next Two Weeks Task List.............

MidWestHorse Archive on March 24, 2009, 1:55 am

Muck out the girls' shelter and spread it over my neighbors field.Make the girl's first Vet appointment for Potomac and Rabies shots and general exam. Doc Terri will leave the rest of the Spring vaccinations with me to give myself in a couple of weeks to save me the cost of a farm call.Jeremiah is here tomorrow to trim feet and Steve and I will go to the Equine forum tomorrow evening. In fact, it should be good, because Doc Tracy is talking about gastric ulcers, along with other equine related stuff,
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Another Day, Another Dollar.............

MidWestHorse Archive on March 20, 2009, 1:23 pm

Back to work for me this weekend....... The mares are already pining for the pasture they will not get this weekend as I have to work and it's their lock-up time. I've been giving them the pasture already this spring and they have been quick to gobble up every little green shoot of grass they can find. I'm glad I'm letting them out early this year. As last year , I waited to get real lush grass and really had to restrict them and then ended up with too much clover out there. Last fall we deweeded
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Worming Schedules & Such.................

MidWestHorse Archive on March 18, 2009, 8:35 pm

This is the time of year I worm for both tapeworms and all the others that usually Ivermectin hits. I use this product in April and October. I use regular Ivermectin in January and July. This is how I worm. Four times a year. How does your worming schedule differ? I'm curious to find out how everyone else worms their horses and do you worm more often than I or less?Misty once again has manged to find the burrs and I cannot imagine how.I've also just ordered this product for Kola. Kola as most of
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Happy St.Patrick's Day...............

MidWestHorse Archive on March 17, 2009, 1:08 pm

To all of those Irish out there, Mrs.Mom, and anyone else who is Irish for the day. I have the pleasure of a four hour work day this afternoon. At least it won't be late when all the drunks are driving home! Filled with green beer. It is Wisconsin after all, and we won't be eating corned beef and cabbage, Cuz Steve and I do not like it! Anyway, Happy St.Pat's Day, All!Please visit for more horse stories, information and resources.
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The Girls Modeling Their New Halters..........

MidWestHorse Archive on March 17, 2009, 12:08 am

Another busy day for me. First, fill up the truck, send off the checks to the IRS, pay the accountant. Pick up grain for both horses and goats. Of course this can only start after another great goat caper and escape! How they opened the gate and squeezed out is beyond me. Then to grab a couple of bales of alfalfa for the goats. A quick stop at Walmart and TSC.I had given the girls pasture time and when I got home, I wanted to get their hot pink halters on and in spite of a pocket full of treats,
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Are Men Good Patients ?

MidWestHorse Archive on March 15, 2009, 5:44 pm

hhhmmm well listen to this and you decideFriday Callie works 12hr night shift so sleeps during the day.Stephen feeling much better no cast and boot allows for weight bearing goody goodyDogs decide lunch time need a walk , OK go to door open door and Mina and Fido go out while I am holding Jack ( I now call him Bam Bam ( Flintstones ) after the last video with the gate ) but Spot moves back to the kitchen door sits himself down to tell me if your not going I am not.OK feeling confident put Jack on
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Well Things Are Truly Getting Back To Normal....

MidWestHorse Archive on March 12, 2009, 11:35 pm

Spot, Mina and I played pillow fight today! All I have to say to Spot is "Pillow Fight!" and he'll go and grab a pillow off the love seat behind my desk and start! To my surprise, Mina joined in!Spot and Mina are back to behaving like siblings since we are all back to bed together now that Stephen can navigate the stairs to our bedroom. All is right with the world according to the dogs!And Miss Liliput in all of her glory. I cannot believe the size of her feet. In fact, I cannot believe the size
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A Much Better Day!

MidWestHorse Archive on March 11, 2009, 5:45 pm

Well, between last night's high winds and temperature drops and today's sunny but cold, the mares appreciate having their blankets back on. They looked pretty content this noon when Steve and I arrived home after his appointment. Speaking of which, Stephen had good news and I am shocked! He got his cast off and it has been replaced with a boot and he is now allowed to start some light weight baring. My MS flare-up seems to have been short lived. Just my normal numbness and NO electric shock arms,
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Well, We're In For Some Weather........

MidWestHorse Archive on March 10, 2009, 1:27 pm

It's been raining again and the poor girls are in mud land. Of course they won't stand in the barn. What's worse, although today, it's in the forties and I have their blankets off, we're supposed to get high wind warnings tonight and the temperature is to drop about 20 degrees. I've decided to wait until this afternoon to put their blankets back on for the next two days. Let them dry off again a bit as it is not raining this morning. Also one of my wind break tarps as fallen victim to the weather
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