How to have Trail Obstacle Success

Learning Horses Archive on June 19, 2008, 7:23 am

Trail Obstacle has always been one of my favorite classes in shows. Here are a few simple tips to bump up your scores and keep you in the ribbons.1. Let your horse observe the object. Good trail horses look at things but continue without hesitation, your judge is looking for this.2. Go slow. We often rush which can cause a horse be less precise. When backing through barrels or stepping over poles, slower is better. A good trail horse will go step by step rather than rushing through something difficult.3.
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I'll be the judge of that

Learning Horses Archive on June 18, 2008, 8:22 am

And I was! Well, almost. This weekend, I was an apprentice judge for the first time with Mimi Busk-Downey as the presiding judge at the Northwest Pleasure Tennesse Walking Horse Association Show in Albany, OR. It was a FOSH sanctioned show, which means that it was under FOSH rules and we have Tennesse Walkers, Foxtrotters, Peruvians, Paso Finos and Mountain Horses. There were some amazing horses, some not so amazing horses and I learned SO MUCH. I'll have to give everyone some tips for the future
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Goodbye Zapa

Learning Horses Archive on June 17, 2008, 6:55 am

On Friday, I said goodbye to my little Zapa. From before he was conceived to this very moment, I have adored him (or the thought of him). He will be 5 in July so it has been a six year journey of love and learning. He was the first horse I ever saw gelded, my first (and only) after hours vet call, my first baby to work with, my first horse to start, my first of many many experiences. He is sweet, willing, trusting and a very nice horse. I am proud of him and proud of myself for the work I did with
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Land O' Lakes Purina Food Recall

Learning Horses Archive on May 6, 2008, 8:20 pm

If you belong to a message board you may have seen many emails recently about Purina food recalls. According to 'The Horse' a reputable magazine on horse health, the recall is voluntary and precautionary. It affects feed manufactured at three eastern plants that contain above acceptable amounts of mycotoxins. From recalled feed was produced at:Purina's Statesville, N.C., plant between Nov. 3, 2007, and Feb. 8, 2008;Harrisburg, Pa., Jan. 1, 2008, and Feb. 8, 2008; andGuilderland,
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Precious cantered!

Learning Horses Archive on May 5, 2008, 5:33 am

So, first, for my Oregon friends, I am NOT going to the Parelli tour stop in Redmond next weekend. My brother Anders is graduating from High School on Monday the 12th in Anchorage, Alaska so I will be there instead. I'm super sad, but really glad to see the last of my 5 siblings graduate from high school, now if they could all just get through college. . .Today I did two more Parelli workshops, Level 1 and 2 Tasking Online and Level 2 Freestyle. I did the first with Phaedre and the changes she is
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I am an official level 1 graduate

Learning Horses Archive on May 4, 2008, 4:20 am

I used my lesson time Friday with 2 star Parelli instructor Ann Kiser to finish my level one assessment and I am complete. To celebrate I started Saturday morning with beginning level 2 online seminar on Saturday morning.I completed with level 1 with Precious, but plan to start with Phaedre for the rest of my journey. Ann really helped with the big problem I was having so far with Phaedre (bracing!). It is SO GREAT to get off on the right foot with this horse and take her very loving personality
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Omolene University

Learning Horses Archive on April 30, 2008, 9:20 pm

I first read about Omolene University back in February with an ad in Horse Illustrated. I checked out the site, but it wasn't yet live, it is live now and hosting classes on various aspects of equine health and nutrition.You can earn 'Omolene Hours' as well as coupons for Buy 2 get $20 off. Although I don't feed Omolene products, I have used Purina products in the Omolene line. Specifically, Ultium which is a low-carb performance feed. I have always been very satisfied with what they offer.If you
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Rethinking pressure

Learning Horses Archive on April 25, 2008, 6:23 am

When I first started learning about horses, pressue was such a buzz word. I was told that horses move away from pressure, which I have finally learned is not true. Instead, I believe they are programed to move into pressure, we TEACH them to move away from pressure and some of us are better at that than others.So I orginally thought about the pressure of my hands on a horse on the ground or my legs when riding, but now I think about pressure in terms of ALL the things causing a horse to do what
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Phaedre Photos

Learning Horses Archive on April 25, 2008, 5:54 am

Ok, I have to admit, I don't know how to spell her name (not that she officially has one since she isn't registered), but you begged, you pleaded, you asked and here they are!The reasons I bought Phadre:First, the legsSecond, the profileThird the balanceFourth the suspension of the trotDid I mention the suspension of the trot
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Oh me, oh my so many horses I want to cry!

Learning Horses Archive on April 22, 2008, 7:06 am

Actually, that isn't true, but Saturday we went from 7 horses on the farm to 10. Yup. That is what they say, if you have the stalls you'll fill 'em!So here is the breakdown of what is happening:Lily goes home in May. I just want to say hats off to Simrat (her owner) for doing such an amazing job with this horse. If I ever had a serious lesson program, I would absolutely lease her back. Lily is the horse who will give people confidence-no lie! She is easy going, does her job and is just a steady,
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Silent in the shadows

Learning Horses Archive on April 4, 2008, 7:48 am

Bringing the horses back in from the pasture at night has helped me realize how quiet they can be. Hidden in the shadows I only see them when I am within 50 feet and can only hear them when they run. Who knew a 1000 lb animal could disappear before your eyes.It only helps to reinforce to me what a prey animal they are. Their instinct tells them to remain hidden. It makes it more and more clear why they need to trust in us and to look for us for leadership. And although we are a predator, we too
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Less is more

Learning Horses Archive on April 2, 2008, 5:50 am

Today I was doing groundwork with Precious and I am finally moving on to something that is taking Precious and I some time to master. It requires sublty on my part and perceptiveness on her part. And you know what. . .IT IS HARD!It has been a long time since I have tried something new that was hard. Ok, really, I can teach obsticales, I know how, it isn't difficult because my job and the horses job is no different, we are just generalizing something we have already learned. Now, I am having to do
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Vote for Patrick-He is CUTE

Learning Horses Archive on March 31, 2008, 9:06 pm

My friend's baby is in this contest and well, there isn't a prize, except to prove he is the cutest! He needs your vote by April 4th, so vote soon! know, it has nothing to do with horses, but he is so cute AND when I met him he was like that the whole time.
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Homeward Bound

Learning Horses Archive on March 30, 2008, 5:22 am

After more than a week away from the dogs and ponies, I will head back tomorrow to my beloved home. Uriah and I spent the last week at Disneyland, on a cruise and in hollywood. We are sick and tired of people, loud music, drunks, lines and screaming children. I am also sick, so instead of attending my conference today I spent most of it in a drug induced stupor waiting for the day to be over. I did manage to get over and see the guys (Cam and Jon), but didn't feel like coughing on potential customers
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Level 1 here I come

Learning Horses Archive on March 17, 2008, 5:46 am

This weekend I did the advanced level 1 Parelli Clinic with Ann Kiser. She signed off on much of my ground skills/7 games (with the exception of picking up feet) and now I just need to send in my riding skills. Since I feel like I have that down, I will get that sent it ASAP.The clinic did a good job of reconfirming some things I already do, to help refine my ability to be assertive NOT agressive, to help my horse through her fear of other horses by being her leader and giving me a few new things
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How to Teach Your Horse to Back Part 2

Learning Horses Archive on March 14, 2008, 1:10 am

So you read Part 1 and made some progress with some fluid backing of your horse. You can now ask for 3 or 4 or maybe even more steps so you want to be able to back your horse under saddle.So how to you get your horse to back up under saddle? It isn't quite as easy right? Here are a few tips to ask your horse to move backwards under saddle.First, put the halter you use on your horse in addition to the bridle, and tie your lead rope as reins. DON'T DO THIS AS YOUR ONLY FORM OF CONTROL IF YOU HAVE
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How to Not Sell Your Horse

Learning Horses Archive on March 13, 2008, 6:23 am

1. Make sure to have the papers, but definately don't register.2. Breed a cross, especially to a moderate qualilty stallion or mare.3. Absolutely don't put a picture.4. Make sure your horse is green and 'needs miles'.5. Ensure your horse is for an 'intermediate' rider or more.6. If it is a gaited horse, make sure it doesn't gait, if it is a WTC (walk/trot/canter) horse make sure it needs some work on picking up leads.7. Please don't spell check, use proper grammer and MAKE sure you sound as uneducated
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How to Teach Your Horse To Back Part 1

Learning Horses Archive on March 13, 2008, 5:33 am

So your horse makes a funny face at you and sticks out their tongue when you ask them to back. You are not alone. Here are a few tips to help your horse be comfortable backing up.So first, observe-when does your horse back up without your supervision? Probably not all that often. They might back up when getting a nasty face from a higher ranking herd mate, or perhaps trapped in a small space with no place to go forward (trailer/hallway). A horse goes backward when they have no other option. They
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Bit by Bit

Learning Horses Archive on March 12, 2008, 3:28 am

In my years of learning about horses there are just a few things that I recommend for EVERYONE regardless of skill level or experience. For some examples, I recommend ground work and natural horsemanship to everyone AT LEAST to give it a try.But one I would make required for all horse people is the video 'A Whole Bit Better' which was produced by the Myler brothers to explain the Myler Bit System and most importantly, just some basics about bitting.After watching the video I was able to evaluate
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Ride A Test

Learning Horses Archive on March 10, 2008, 4:03 am

Today I went to Beautiful Gaits farm and did my first Ride A Test. In Dressage you ride different tests in different levels. In the US there are two introductory levels to the lower levels of dressage (1-4th). There are several tests for each of the levels, but at the very very very beginning before you get all fancy, you start with Introductory A.And that, is what I did today with Lily. It is a very simple pattern, probably taking me 3 minutes and the 15 minutes that followed were some of the best
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