They Just Don’t Make Land Anymore

.:EQUUS:. Archive on September 28, 2008, 1:57 pm

Everywhere I look - there’s horses.  Now not that I’m complaining but there are definitely a lot of horses around - perhaps more than people seem to know what to do with them.  It’s a pity the same can’t be said for land.  The saying goes, you might as well buy some land, it’s not in production anymore. I remember when studying at TAFE, a teacher stated that the best land for horses you’d always find around vineyards and that seems to be the case in the Nagambie
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Horse Toys

.:EQUUS:. Archive on September 26, 2008, 1:08 pm

Katie at A Girl and Her Horse has recently put up a post regarding My Little Pony’s 25th Anniversary and the corresponding competition 25 Ponies for 25 Years.  Check out some of the awesome designs and perhaps purchase one (at a ridiculous price but for a more than worthy cause). It got me thinking about horse toys in general and for the clever designer, perhaps there’s a career or a nice little money earner on the side of something else. I’d near forgotten about these horse toys
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The Sole of Work With Horses

.:EQUUS:. Archive on September 24, 2008, 12:10 am

I’m stumbling across more and more horse blogs (would you believe I am subscribed to 155 of them on my Googlereader?) and among these am finding a lot of endurance related blogs that point to Easy Boots for the care of their horses feet.  Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without the Team Easyboot Blog. I got to see these boots in action while in South Africa as the owner of the property I stayed at used them on her endurance horses with great results. At work in Euroa we’ve
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Equine Workers Welfare

.:EQUUS:. Archive on September 22, 2008, 1:05 am

I’ve heard a whisper at work that Racing Victoria is planning to set up a sector that helps to rehabilitate jockeys that have had to come out of the industry due to a fall, illness, etc and help them get back into the industry when fit to do so.  I’m not sure if there is yet such a governing body in Australia and would welcome information if anyone has any. Perhaps this is where your passion lies, though.  You have an interest in horses and those that are dedicated to putting their
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Przewalski’s Preservation

.:EQUUS:. Archive on September 20, 2008, 12:20 pm

I’m reading In Search of a Wild Brumby (Michael Keenan) at the moment and although I’m only just getting into the story, it’s already sent me off searching online in regards to Przewalski’s Horse. Keenan’s book refers to the ‘only genetically pure horse left in the wild’, Equus caballus przewalskii that was discovered in Mongolia in the late 19th century. Apparently breeding programs have been set up in Australia, North America and the Ukraine with the view
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A World of Nutrition

.:EQUUS:. Archive on September 10, 2008, 10:18 am

Tuesday a representative of Kentucky Equine Research came out to speak to the students regarding nutrition, particularly that of the pregnant mare, weanlings and yearlings.  She presented a well put together power point presentation and capably answered queries, despite having only just gotten back into the country after helping out with the Australian horses at the Beijing Olympics. KER is well known to the Thoroughbred Industry and I’ve been introduced to their services through my studies
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Course Design (Jumping)

.:EQUUS:. Archive on September 5, 2008, 11:59 pm

This week teaching the Cert. II class has been focused on the rules of jumping and different types of jumps and it got me thinking about the knowledge behind those that design such courses for competitive events. If you have a love of jumping and an interest in how courses are built, put together and the specifications, then perhaps course design is for you. Before designing a course, it would be expected that one is familiar with riding courses themselves, after all, how difficult would it be to
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Ride and Tie

.:EQUUS:. Archive on September 3, 2008, 12:44 pm

I first heard of this sport a couple of years ago when a qualified vet was visiting Australia and working with our farrier as he wanted to specialise in corrective work.  It turned out that alongside his traveling, becoming qualified as a vet and pursuing his farriery interests, he also had time to exercise and compete with his girlfriend in Ride and Tie events. But what is Ride and Tie, you ask?  Equine Explorer take a look at this sport that involves one horse and two people. The idea is that
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September Blog Carnival

.:EQUUS:. Archive on August 31, 2008, 2:00 pm

“…continue to be amazed, pleasantly so how the training on Alle teaches me to ride Gazi and vice versa… and I am working on patterns for Western and English classes…” GP presents By the Seat of My Pants posted at Manely Montana Memories-Come on Inn. “This post is about experiencing the emotions and anxiety of owning and caring for a horse…” Pony Girl presents Will I Make the Cut? posted at Pony Girl Girl Rides Again. “White horses have pink
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Do you Make the Grade? I Mean, Book..?

.:EQUUS:. Archive on August 23, 2008, 8:33 am

The bookie or bookmaker is a large part of what helps to make the racing industry. As much as there is the thrill of watching a 5oo or so kilogram animal in it’s prime race against countless others to see who can first cross the finish line, the thrill of being able to pick the winning horse or jockey and potentially win money on account of it also adds to the thrill. Having different bookmakers can allow the punter to seek out the best chances of a return for their money invested. Obtaining
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Profile On: John Blackburn, Blackburn Architects

.:EQUUS:. Archive on August 20, 2008, 9:58 am

The senior principal of Blackburn Architects kindly took the time to answer some questions regarding the architectural design of equine facilities. “Blackburn Architects, P.C. is a full-service architectural planning and design firm specializing in equestrian architecture, commercial interiors, residential design, and renovation and adaptive reuse.” If you have an interest in this area, why not check out their employment opportunities. Have you always been interested in horses and when
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Lights, Camera, Action!

.:EQUUS:. Archive on August 19, 2008, 12:02 pm

Today in class we were looking at different foaling alarms and ways to be notified of when a mare is foaling and the best ways to be able to keep an eye on her without invading. One such system involved camera’s set up in a foaling box and being able to assess whether or not it was necessary to actually go out to the horse. It got me thinking about the different companies that provide such set ups for: - those who want to be able to see their mare foaling - the driver who wants to keep an
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Come and Spell Awhile…

.:EQUUS:. Archive on August 11, 2008, 11:00 pm

I was having a chat with some students at TAFE today about the recent studs they’d been to visit as part of their course. It was pointed out (and amazed students) that one of the studs made all that they needed to cover the costs of employment of staff, maintenance of the property and care of horses in their stallion fees alone. The rest was profit. On the Thoroughbred studs I’ve worked on, the main funds do indeed come from stallions and / or the cost of agistment / livery. As the owner
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Blogging + Horses = Potential.

.:EQUUS:. Archive on August 9, 2008, 11:00 pm

It’s all mum’s fault that I got into blogging but arguably if it hadn’t been her, someone else would have surely introduced it to me and recruited a new addicted blogger. There are so many blogs out on the internet that have such interesting information and can take up so much of our time to read through that the question arises - how much time does the owner/writer put into the blog? And, is it worth it? For many, the answer is of course a resounding yes. It’s worth it as
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Come Along to the Carnival!

.:EQUUS:. Archive on August 9, 2008, 12:28 am

Just a reminder that EQUUS is hosting the next Carnival of the Horses on September 1. There are benefits as the writer of a piece to receive more interest and readers on your blog, so why not consider submitting a piece or two for the carnival. Or for those of you that would rather read what others have to say about the horses in their lives, why not drop on inn on the current carnival at Innstyle Montana? See you at the carnival! “The Joy of horses is not the riding, jumping, racing, showing,
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Profile On: Christine Nguyen,

.:EQUUS:. Archive on August 7, 2008, 11:31 pm

uShip is an online marketplace that connects horse transportation providers with customers who need their horses transported. uShip makes it easy for service providers to find profitable loads and gives customers access to affordable and reliable shipping options. The uShip marketplace is built on user feedback which helps both service providers and customers. Here’s how it works: - A customer needs a horse moved across the country, so they list it on uShip. - A service provider who services the
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Chiropractic work for Horses

.:EQUUS:. Archive on August 5, 2008, 9:52 am

Available qualified chiropractors within Australia are slowly growing in numbers, suiting the demand for this type of practice. There are those that cater to animals in general and those that specifically focus on horses. The best I have seen so far may be qualified in this field but they also have a background of veterinary practice focusing on horses, acupuncture or perhaps osteopathy, causing them to be someone who is qualified to look at the horse from all angles, giving a holistic approach
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Fodder for Thought

.:EQUUS:. Archive on July 31, 2008, 10:00 pm

Although it’s winter we’re still very much in a dry season and as someone who’s now saving to purchase a house and hoping in the not too distant future to have land – and plenty of it! – I’m very aware of what trees and other plants I need to be putting on the property. I want shrubs or trees that are going to be windbreaks, protection from the sun, provide shelter in rain and why shouldn’t they also be something that is appealing to a horse’s palate? I love the idea of a one
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Horses, a Bed and Breakfast!

.:EQUUS:. Archive on July 27, 2008, 12:40 pm

Most of the places I’ve stayed at that are horse related have had their own horses and provided trail rides, but how wonderful it would be to stop at a Bed and Breakfast in the country with your own horse and check out someone else’s gorgeous trails! While I was working on a Thoroughbred stud in North East Victoria, I knew of another property up the road that although their main income came from the racehorses that they bred and sold, they had an extra house on the property that was available
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If the Door’s Closed, Go Out the Window…

.:EQUUS:. Archive on July 21, 2008, 9:47 am

I was chatting with the Horse Studies coordinator today about a student who’s currently undertaking a horse course with the view to getting into Veterinary Nursing. The coordinator informed me that Box Hill was adjusting their Vet Nursing course so that rather than applicants having to have employment in a vet nursing role (which is a common pre-requisite), someone employed on a horse stud can also apply to do the course. For those who are interested in pursuing a Vet Nursing career, doing
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